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Ali Baba International Center
Arabic Language Institute

The Ali Baba International Center is located in the heart of Amman; the beautiful capital of Jordan.  The center has full accreditation form the Ministry of  Education in Jordan to teach Arabic language to speakers of other languages. The center is also approved to grant US college credit to any eligible students through Brookhaven College in the USA.

The Ali Baba International Center is a full-member affiliate  of the prestigious International House Organization (IHWO) which is one of the largest and oldest groups of language schools in the world. Founded in 1953, IHWO is a global network of over 150 affiliated private language schools in 52 countries, spanning every continent. Therefore, the Ali Baba International Center is also promoted under the name International House Amman (IH Amman).

All courses are taught at Ali Baba International Center by experienced multilingual Jordanian teachers with solid teaching experience . The center offers immersion programs throughout the year. A typical program consist of a language courses, comfortable accommodation and  rich extracurricular   activities. The language courses are  supplemented by cultural and social activities, and guided-tours to the major tourist attractions  of Jordan. Participants in the programs will also be encouraged to meet and interact with people everywhere, immersing them in the every fabric of  the Jordanian society , gaining for themselves an insider’s view of Jordanians lives.