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After Registration

As soon as  students are notified that their program has been confirmed, they  should  make travel plans especially in summer since it’s  a crowded season and any delay in making the necessary reservation may delay your arrival to Jordan on time. Students should schedule their arrival in Jordan to be at least one day before the start of their registered classes.

Round Trip Airfare : Round trip travel to Amman  is not included in the program fees. After booking the round trip ticket,  we kindly request that you send us your exact flight details (airline, flight number and arrival date) no later than two weeks before the program start date, so we can prepare for your arrival. Please not also that your passport must be valid for at least six months after your arrival.

Valid Visa: Multiple-entry Visas are usually obtained from Jordanian consulates around the world and are valid for 3-4 months from the date of issue. However, you can always get a one month  tourist residence visa upon your arrival at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA). This 1-month visa would be enough for the duration of the summer program, although  it can be easily be extended for two more months. After that date you must exit and re-enter the country, or undergo immigration procedures. If your visa has not been renewed properly by the time you leave Jordan you will have to pay a fine at the border. If you plan to stay for more than two weeks in Jordan, you will need to register at the nearest police station.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance: Students must be fully covered with  comprehensive international travel insurance before they travel to Jordan. Travel insurance should include:  health insurance, accident insurance, baggage insurance, and travel cancellation insurance. Therefore, students are responsible for checking with their insurance provider to see if their coverage is adequate for overseas travel. If not, students are responsible for getting travel insurance for the duration of their stay in Jordan.

Appropriate  Clothes: Summer in Jordan is dry and warm. However, the low humidity makes dryness comfortable and endurable. The temperatures range between 26-33 C◦. Therefore we recommend that you bring with you the appropriate summer clothes. In general, any casual clothing is appropriate for summer wear, however, our recommended clothes for women would be a long dress, pants or jeans, with a blouse or shirt that extends to the elbows.  Clothes that shows off the waist, cleavage, or the back is not appropriate.  For men, appropriate attire consists of pants or jeans, and a shirt extending to the elbows.  Winter, from October  through February,  can be cold, particularly in Amman, with snow, rain and wind, but there is little rainfall in the desert regions and in Aqaba, which makes a pleasant wintertime resort. About 75 percent of the country can be described as having a desert climate with very little annual rainfall.

Student ID Card:  If you are a student and you hold a valid   International Student Identity Card (ISIC) you may be eligible for discounts of entry fees for all museums and monuments. Please visit the ISIC web site at www.isic.org for more details.

National Costumes: Volunteer students willing to represent their countries through music, dance, and exhibitions are required to bring all the necessary costumes, accessories and ornaments  with them.

Extra Expenses Budget: Students should budget for any additional traveling they anticipate during their stay. They should also budget for the items and activities  which are NOT included in the programs fees. Students may bring money with them in US dollars or Euros and exchange them to Jordan Dinar in Amman, or they may as well choose to use Visa and American Express cards which are widely used in Jordan, and in the greater Amman in particular. Hotels of three stars or above will also change money but at a less favorable rate. An internet-based money conversion site is www.xe.com .

Contact Address in Jordan: Students’ family and friends may call Ali Baba International Center at + 962 6 534 1300, mobile +962 777 487 747, or by sending e-mails to  info@alibaba.jo.

Arrival At  QAIA  Airport :  All international flights arrive at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), which is some 25 kilometer  south of Amman. If you have not received a Visa from the Jordanian embassy or consulate  in your country, then you may easily get a 1-month visa from the airport.  This process will take several minutes. After you finish up with the immigration procedure, claim your luggage and proceed to the outer gate. A staff member of Ali Baba International Center will be pick you at the airport and drive you  to your accommodation. Please wait at the outer gate of the customs’ hall of the airport so that that you can see our staff member  holding a sign written on it your name.  If for any reason you fail to meet  our staff member please contact:

Ali Baba International Center (06) 534 1300
Ali Al-Haj Mobile:  0777 487 747

Placement Test : Nearly all of our programs cater for all language levels: from the absolute beginner to the more advanced language student. Each student will take a brief placement test on day # 1 of the course. The placement test will determine the student’s language level and ensure placement in the correct course.  

Orientation: An orientationsession  is organized after the placement test  in order to get the students be acquainted with the new atmosphere. Orientation includes talking about rules & regulations, and introducing the students to the staff and facilities of the center.