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Programs Description

The Ali Baba International Center, also known as International House Amman (IH Amman),  is a leading Arabic Language institute in Jordan. The center offers Arabic language immersion programs throughout the year. A typical program consist of a language course, comfortable accommodation, rich extra-curricular activities, and optional touristic trips.  All courses are taught at Ali Baba International Center by experienced multilingual Jordanian teachers with solid teaching experience.


I. Standard Group Courses: Weekly and monthly standard group Arabic language courses are offered throughout the year. Students can register for  courses having different durations ranging from 1 week to 12 months. All courses start on pre-specified and unified start dates, and finish on different dates depending on their durations. Students are placed in small groups depending on their scores in a placement test and interview at the beginning of the course. The standard group courses come in three forms:

  • Standard Group Courses: 20 group lessons per week.
  • Combined 5 Courses: 20 group lessons plus 5 individual private lessons per week.
  • Combined 10 Courses: 20 group lessons plus 10 individual private lessons per week.

II. Summer  Courses: Intensive courses with different durations are offered in the summer of 2017. The courses are supplemented with extensive programs of social and cultural activities. Three special summer courses are offered :

  • 1-month Summer Courses. Three 1-month summer courses are offered: in June, in July, and in August.
  • 2-month Summer Courses. Two 2-month summer courses are offered d: in June-July and in July-August.
  • 3-month Summer Course. One 3-month summer course is offered: in June-July-August.


III. College Courses: Special courses oriented to college and university students are offered at specific dates of  the year. These term and semester course are based on international textbooks supplemented by a wide range of extra materials  to meet curricular requirements of most universities. Students may seek accreditation from their respective universities before registration or after completion of the courses. The academic college courses come in two forms:

  • 3-month Term Courses. Each term course covers 240 contact hours. In most universities a term course equals 12 credit hours.
  • 4-month Semester Courses.  Each semester course covers 320 contact hours. In most universities this equals 16 credit hours.


IV. Private & Customized CoursesPrivate and customized Arabic courses are offered  throughout the year. A private course can be of any duration and  for one person or for a small group of people coming together. The start and end dates are decided by the student. The content of a private or customized course is decided by the instructor based on the language level and needs of the student. The center has an extensive experience in offering individual and customized courses in many areas such as:

  • Conversation Courses: offered in both modern standard Arabic (Fus-ha) and colloquial (Jordanian, Levant, and other dialects).
  • Customized Courses for Diplomats and Social Workers:  These courses have been developed specifically for professionals and volunteers working in embassies, military, and NGOs.
  • Bildungsurlaub Courses:  Many courses have been accredited by German states to be offered for their public employees.