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It was a lovely experience. Sharing the class with students from different nationalities was very enriching. If given the opportunity, I would definitely come back.


It was a great experience. The teacher was professional and attentive to students. I would like to come back next year. Thanks!


I have very much enjoyed my full experience at Ali Baba International Centre. The facilities are superb and all the staff very welcoming and helpful.

My teacher Shadia was excellent and very patient with all of us students. She also very much helped me to enjoy my learning experience here.

I really enjoyed the planned events such as the trip to Petra and Iftar during Ramadan. Thank you for a great experience!


I really liked the course. It was structured and the material even good. I’m definitely considering to follow another course next year. I will probably go for a one on one class because I think that’s better for your Arabic.


The staff are good. The teacher’s the best. I enjoyed very much being here. Hope to come back inshaAllah.

(Ali Hansen)

I was a good month where my Arabic skills really improved. A really nice teacher who took some breaks in the lessons to give some information about the country and culture.

The setup of the courses were good, but maybe it could be nice to make some schemes of the grammar for the students.

Thanks for a great time!


The Ali Baba staff is great and the teachers are amazing. Ali Baba is a first class language institute and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.