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Linnea Madsen , USA

“Ali Baba International Center provided a life-changing experience that I still think about and miss every day.”

The classes were fantastic. We did 4 hours a day of MSA in a group of about 8 or 10 people, and I also took private colloquial languages. My teacher, Arwa, had a great personality and a lot of patience. We studied texts that helped us improve our understanding of Jordanian culture while we learned Arabic. The location of the course was great. Because it’s across the street from the university, there are many students studying in the Gloria Jean’s coffee shop in the same building. It’s a fun experience to go do homework in that cafe. The facilities were state-of-the-art. I was impressed at the wifi, the abundance of computers, and the light, airy classrooms. The dorm room (in the sakan barakat lltalibat) was also very nice. It had air conditioning, ensuite kitchenette and bathroom, and wifi. The only thing that I thought could be improved was the activities. I wish there had been more activities arranged by Ali Baba. During my time there (which was Ramadan so perhaps that made things more difficult for the organizers), we had only one activity arranged by the school. Another student did all of the arrangements for our trip to Wadi Rum and Aqaba, someone else made arrangements to go to Jerash, and someone else made arrangements for Palestine. I think it would have been nice to have pre-planned trips like this because we were all nervous trying to organize things while visiting the country for the first time and not really speaking Arabic. However, I absolutely recommend this program. My Arabic improved during my time in Amman to the point where I understand almost everything people say to me, and I can express most of the things I want to say in any context. I wish that the colloquial Arabic was more of a focus, but the private lessons were great for this. This program was phenomenal. Amazing. I want to go back as soon as I can!