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Extracurricular Activities

Different sets of in-campus and off-campus extra-curricular activities are arranged every week. In-campus activities include, but not limited to,  Arabic Calligraphy, Jordanian Cooking, Arabic Henna, and Sand Art bottles classes. Off-campus activities include a trip to downtown Amman upon arrival,  a trip to a historical place,  and possibly field trips to selected places. We have a language-partner program, through which we introduce language students to local university students. Many other activities can be arranged depending on the number of enrolled students.  The center reserves the right to add, remove, change, or cancel any activity depending on factors such as the season of enrollment, weather conditions, number of enrolled students, among other factors.

First Day Trip to Amman City Center: The firs day of all group courses  is always a Sunday. Admitted students are expected to be at the center at 9 AM on that day. After taking a placement test, they sit for an orientation session in which they get  information about the center’s  facilities, regulations, staff, etc. The students are then escorted in a small trip bus to Amman city center. The students visit the oldest and most traditional part of the city which hosts the Citadel, Blue Mosque, Roman Theater, and Jordan Museum. Students will have time for shopping in the Souqs, and  have lunch in a traditional restaurant.

Arabic Cooking Class: Students enrolled at Ali Baba center have the chance to experience a cooking class with their instructors. Every month, a different Jordanian dish is prepared by the students with the help of  the center’s staff. The Jordanian cuisine is part of Levantine cuisine and shares many traits and  similarities with the cuisine of Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

Arabic & Islamic CalligraphySince our main steam at Ali Baba center is teaching Arabic Language, we found it rather necessary and useful to explore our enrolled students to the basic elements of Arabic and Islamic calligraphy. This is an artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy, based upon the alphabet in the lands sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage. It includes Arabic, Ottoman, and Persian calligraphy.

Art of Colored Sand BottlesThis is a unique art that Ali Baba students love and appreciate. In this art,  small glass bottles are filled with multi-colored sand using geometrical decorations and mostly layers of different colors. The original inspiration of this art was born from Petra, Jordan’s magical city, and its multi-colored sand mountains.

Arabic Henna DesignsThis particular ‘Henna’ activity is especially appealing for female students enrolled at the Ali Baba center. When applied on the hands and feet, beautiful henna designs not only augment a woman’s natural beauty, but add a touch of elegance as well. This tradition continues in the present day with ladies applying henna in weddings and various other festive occasions. The Arabic style of applying henna is quite flowing in nature with designs comprising patterns of leaves, vines, and flowers.

One Touristic Trip: The center organizes a monthly touristic trip to a historical place in Jordan. The destination of the trip may change from one month to another depending on the season, weather conditions, or number of enrolled students.. The center provides transportation and a snack, and the students are expected to pay for their meals and any entrance fees required by the site being visited.

Other Activities & Trips: The center has great flexibility to organize other in-campus and off-campus activities. Some activities could be even suggested by the enrolled students.

To view photos of some of  these  activities,  please click here.