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German Language Department

Welcome to our internet presence “Ali Baba International Center for Languages”. We are delighted that you found to us. German Dep.

So, one of the main questions may will be: “Why should I learn German language at “Ali Baba International Center?

The reason is perfectly plain: Our philosophy is not just including a normal language course. We also would like to confront you with the German culture and teach you knowledge about the German daily life. With this in mind, we hope to welcome you soon, in our familiar atmosphere. If you should have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are very looking forward to help you.

Willkommen und Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Astrid Huepers

Head of German department


Ali Baba International Center is located in the heart of Amman. Since four years the center teaches German language by experienced multilingual German and Jordanian instructors with long teaching experience.

Please don’t hesitate to visit us: Queen Rania Al Abdallah Street, in front of the Main Gate of the University of Jordan, Khalifeh Plaza Building, 1st floor, Office 105.

Contact us: Ali Baba International Center, P.O.Box 1928, Amman 11941 Jordan, Tel.: 06-5341300, Mobile: 079 641 2333, Fax: 06-5340065, Sunday to Thursday, 8am-8pm.