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Registration Procedure

To apply, follow all instructions carefully and complete the application form thoroughly for timely consideration. Since spaces are limited, it is desirable to send in applications as soon as possible. Send us an email regarding any questions you may have to german@alibaba.jo.

1. Complete and Send the Preliminary Application Form

After you have decided on the course level  you wish to study and the date in which you would prefer to do so, please download the application form, fill it out,  and e-mail to: german@alibaba.jo. Decisions regarding enrolling  a student in the desired course  will be based in the order in which payment is received, and on rolling basis until classes are full or the deadline has been reached. You should expect to receive a confirmation of your enrollment within a few days of the receipt of your application and full payment.

2. Full Payment Deadline

Application forms and registration fees must be received  in full before the date of the course. This is necessary in order to enable us make the necessary class arrangements. Late applications may be accepted after this deadline depending on class size and scheduling. For information on the exact  deadlines and class starting dates  for the different courses, please refer to the course calender  page.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refunding due to class cancellation by either the students or by Ali Baba International Center follows these guidelines:

  • After the course begins all paid  fees are non-refundable.
  • No refund will be given for early returns. However, in the event of a student having an emergency, the balance of fees can be credited to a later course.
  • If the number of registered participants for a course does not reach the required minimum, the course may be  cancelled and fees will be refunded. However, the class may remain open if an agreement on adjusting the costs is reached between the registered students and Ali Baba International Center.
  • The course schedule and instructors may be changed before and during the course. Also team-teaching is possible.
  • With the registration for the course you agree with all regulations of the institute written here.